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Discover the excellence of J7-Group through its delivered projects, showcasing the unparalleled quality and the trust earned from its valued partners.


Pine Villas

Pine Villas, a J7 Group venture, redefines modern living in D-17, an emerging sector with local amenities at your doorstep. These luxuriously crafted villas boast spacious interiors, embodying a perfect blend of affordability and luxury. Designed with minimal aesthetics, Pine Villas stand as a testament to J7 Group’s commitment to excellence. Offering an unparalleled living experience, it’s not just a home; it’s a lifestyle. Explore the best of affordability and luxury in one of J7 Group’s finest delivered projects.

j7 palm villas

Palm Villas

Palm Villas, an eminent venture by J7 Group, graces the flourishing landscape of B-17, a fully developed sector celebrated for its prosperity in the real estate market. Ideally situated with local amenities at hand, these luxurious villas embody spaciousness and convenience, offering abundant parking spaces. A perfect blend of affordability and opulence, Palm Villas stand as a hallmark of J7 Group’s commitment to excellence. Representing one of our most successful projects, Palm Villas epitomize refined living in the heart of Islamabad’s prosperous and sought-after B-17 sector.

j7 one mall (1)

J7-One Mall

J7-One Mall, the epitome of shopping excellence, stands as an iconic destination in the heart of Main Markaz, Margalla View Housing Society, D-17 Islamabad. This meticulously designed mall boasts a spacious environment where patrons can leisurely enjoy their shopping experience. With a diverse range of the biggest and renowned brands, coupled with a delightful food court, J7-One Mall emerges as the preferred shopping haven, promising a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and convenience at the pulse of Islamabad’s vibrant D-17 sector.

j7 mall

J7 Mall

J7 Mall is crafted to redefine shopping excellence, nestled in the heart of Main Markaz, Margalla View Housing Society, D-17 Islamabad. Boasting a sprawling environment, it invites patrons to relish a serene shopping experience with a diverse array of the biggest and renowned brands. The mall features a delightful food court, dedicated office spaces, and aspires to be the IT hub in the local vicinity. With its strategic location and commitment to providing a vibrant retail and business environment, J7 Mall stands poised as the ultimate destination for shopping and professional endeavors in Islamabad’s D-17 sector.